Mr. Reck contributes to the following corporate boards:

Current Board Positions  

tronc, Inc. (formerly Tribune Publishing Company) (TRNC)

tronc, Inc. is a public journalistic media company that owns and publishes 150 newspapers throughout the United States.  Mr. Reck serves on the Audit Committee and is the chair of the Compansation, Nominating, and Governance Committee of the Board

SilkRoad Technology, Inc.

SilkRoad Technology, Inc. is a venture capital backed cloud-based human resources company operating throughout the world.  Mr. Reck is the chair of the Audit Committee.

Ultra Consultants, Inc.

Ultra Consultants, Inc. is a private IT services company that provides independent ERP selection and implementation and other IT services to a variety of middle-market and larger businesses throughout the United States.
Past Board Positions  
Advanced Life Sciences (ADLS)


Advanced Life Sciences is a public biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel drugs in the areas of infectious disease, inflammation, and oncology.  Mr. Reck serves as chair of the Audit Committee of the Board.  The company is currently dormant.
Greenbrier & Russel


Greenbrier & Russel was a private IT services and business consulting company with 500 employees and offices in 8 cities across the United States.  Mr. Reck served as Chairman of the company.  The company was successfully sold to Fujitsu in a private sale.
Interactive Intelligence (ININ)


Interactive Intelligence was a public communications software company that provided contact center and IP telephony products and services.  Mr. Reck served on the Audit and the Compensations Committees of the Board.  The company was sold in December 2016 for nearly $1.4 Billion to Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.


LiquidGeneration was a private internet media company that provides content and information focused on Generation-Y consumers.  The company has ceased operations.
Merge Technologies (MRGE)

Merge Technologies was a public health care software and information company. Known as Merge Healthcare. It was a market leader in the development and delivery of medical imaging and information management software and services.  Mr. Reck served on the Audit and the Compensation Committees of the Board.  The company was sold in October, 2015 for $1 Billion to IBM Corporation.
Sivox Technologies


Sivox Technologies was a private call center agent quality and training software company.  The company merged with BankersEdge (now OnCourse Learning Financial Services).

Business Strategy Advisors LLC

A business strategy consultancy that focuses on serving technology-based companies.


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